Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten Dollar Sketches!

With some encouragement from a few friends, I decided to start doing commissions over on deviantArt. Since I don't really have the skill or confidence to go for the gusto & do "full" commissions, I'm going to start off easy. 

My friend Zach, his girlfriend Tara & their friend Megan have been doing something called "100 Ten-Dollar Sketches". The title is pretty self-explanatory... For each commission, they draw 1 full-body character sketch for $10 a pop. They do this 100 times, & gradually they're a grand richer. A simple strategy... so why don't I give it a go?

So far I've only got 1 commission. It's a drawing of Lena Hyena from Roger Rabbit in a Harem outfit. It's probably the single creepiest thing I've ever drawn, but it's a start nonetheless. & hey, it's good practice.

If you got 10 bucks you're willing to part with for the greater good, why not go to my deviantArt page, read the info there & buy a sketch from me? & while your at it, click on Zach, Tara & Megan's pages linked at the bottom of the page & buy something from them too? 



Hehe.. She's a beauty!
All the best, Michael! Hope you make some good, quick $$$

Anonymous said...

I really love that picture.
I'm not even being sarcastic, it's amazing.
You are getting better and better!