Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beware of the Montauk Monster!!!

Does anybody remember the Montauk Monster?

About a year ago, some deformed creature was discovered washed up on the beach near Montauk Point, here on Long Island. It was dark gray like a seal with long scrawny legs & a shriveled tail like a pig, but had a beak with a row of teeth only on the bottom jaw. God, it looked like something outta The Dark Crystal! It was a big sensation for a while & it was covered on every news station. Pictures of it were everywhere for a while, & during that time everybody was debating on what the thing really was.

Some people thought it was some prehistoric, dinosaur-like creature along the same lines as the Loch Ness Monster, while others thought it was a mutated monstrosity that escaped Plum Island, an animal disease & research facility off the coast. (Imagine N.I.M.H. from Don Bluth's
The Secret of NIMH, but isolated on an island far off the coast. Feels like something out of a cheesy B horror flick.

As it turns out, it probably was just some poor dog (most likely a Boxer) who was swept out to sea & drowned. Over time began to bloat from the water & it gradually decomposed until it finally was discovered on the shore, which explains it's off-putting appearance.

Creepy & disturbing as it was, I think it would've been an awesome monster if it were real. Imagine this thing knocking over your garbage cans at 3 AM or sucking the blood out of a goat! Creepy little devil!

You can see pictures of the real 'Montauk Monster' all over the web. There's even a whole article on it on Wikipedia. I warn you though, the pictures are REALLY disturbing, so beware! Squint your eyes if you have to.

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Wow, really?!! I'm not from here so I wouldn't know - but I will look the story up!

Dark Crystal, how I LOVED that film. Yeah, it does look a lot like those Skekies (or whatever they were called)..

And to answer your earlier question, dear friend.. I guess I didn't want to design a 'creature' for the 6 legged walk.. Just something silly and organic, with no face and stuff..