Friday, May 15, 2009

A Little Animation Practice + Congrats to the Grads!

Yesterday, I found an old sound clip my friend Chris Zito recorded for a class project, which I sadly never finished. & since I needed a bit of practice to keep the animation juices flowing, I brought the clip into Flash & animated to it, straight ahead. 

After an hour & 15 minutes work, here's what I ended up with:

I may just go back & clean this guy up. I have a lot more sound clips lying around on my computer, so I'll definitely be practicing a lot. Chris' voice is loads of fun to animate to.


& speaking of Chris, I wish to congratulate him & all the other cool art folk who graduated from SVA today! I briefly stopped by Radio City Music Hall (where the ceremony was being held) & wished luck & congratulations to all my friends. They all pushed themselves to their limits these past 4 years & now they can have a little rest... then go out & get themselves a job!!!

Thanks ChrisShelley, Carly, Jon, Jen, Rebecca, Paul, Eunkyu, Alex, Pat, Dan, Emmanuel, Jared, Millie & the slew of other people who've inspired me, lifted my spirits or just kept me company these past few years. You guys rock this world & I know you all will go on to do great things someday. Thanks, & congratulations!

Cliche'... I know. But somebody had to say it.

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