Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tribeca Film Festival Logo

For Eric Eiser's Digital Compositing class here at SVA, our assignment was to animate a 20 second logo for the Tribeca Film Festival. At first I thought it was just a theoretical assignment, just for kicks n' giggles, so I rushed & half-assed most of it in Flash in about a day. I added the logo, the camera effects & the After Effects technical mumbo-jumbo, gave it to Eric & went home. Another check off my long to-do list.

The next week, Eric tells me that the Tribeca people saw it, got a kick out of it & that they wanted to use it for this year's film festival, along with 10 others. I was surprised (& still am, for that matter) & thanked him for telling me the awesome news. Another week passes & I'm given a little reward: a 1 GB steel flash drive with a combination lock. It is awesome & heavy. 

Third surprise came this afternoon, when I get a call from my old man tellin' me he received a "SVA Newsletter" email with my snapshot & video of my logo attached to it
Apparently, all 11 logos will be shown all throughout the festival, each shown before the 700 screenings planned for the week. Surprises, surprises, one after the other.... 

While the other logo contributors are mentioned in the email, only mine is shown on the site, which is a real shocker. I thought Jessica Honore's was awesome, & I hope they'll eventually showcase all of them & put them up online soon. I'm dyin' to see 'em all. Still, I'm glad they saved me the trouble of posting the video up online myself (which I'll probably still do anyway).

Sadly, the festival crowd isn't really my schtick (I'm goin' to the Dusty's instead to root for my thesis animator homies!), so I'm definitely not going there to see it up on the big screen myself. But if any of you are going, look out for the logo with the little bee. 

A little background behind this logo: the animation was all done on ones (yes, I am insane) in Flash. About half of the 15 seconds of animation I did are probably smears, which some of you who've seen my last few posts here know that I LOVE smears like hell. I went nuts with the amount of smears I did. 

While there's so much rackin' me about it's faults & things I should've fixed up before I handed it in, I'm still very satisfied with it. I think this was probably one of the most fun things I've ever animated thus far. 

So, without further ado, here is my logo, courtesy of SVA, PR Office(?) & Vimeo: 

Tribeca Logo Animation from PR Office on Vimeo.


Jassy said...

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Anonymous said...

Yo Mike,
Congratulations!!! Your short is fantastic. Tribeca will not be the last creative entity to recognize your talent.

Your Friend,
David Spector

Oswald Iten said...

Good luck with your short film project as well. I hope your heart is recovering soon (physical and metaphorical).