Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FtB - Giant Creepy Movie Poster

After walking through the city the other day, I HAD to do this. Make sure to click on it to make it bigger. 

Anybody that lives in New York City: Walk north up Park Ave. towards 23rd St., look up & you'll see this giant 50 foot tall movie poster for that new Zac Efron movie painted all over the side of a building. Y'can't miss it (trust me, I've tried to).

Personally, I think giant painted movie posters are really cool, especially if they're action-packed, but this one is just creepy. Besides the fact that it's Zac Efron of all people, he's as tall as a building, he's got this chimpazee "ooh-ooh" expression on his face, which is heavily airbrushed to make him look all tan, sparkly & shiny, & he's wearing two pairs of pants. I think this one beats out the giant airbrushed-to-hell Jack Nicholson head for The Bucket List that was up on the same building last year. All around, he reminds me of a mini Tom Cruise. 

I guess it's just that I'm sick & tired of hearing about him. Everywhere I go, I hear this "OMG!11!1! Zac Efron is like SOOOOOO blarbitty blah blah & blah" etc. from all the tweeny-boppers I come in contact with. Hopefully, like all the other Disney teen stars that have come & gone, he'll just eventually fade away. 



Anonymous said...

This is urgent... I don't think you fully appreciate the threat at hand. If Treehous of Horror VI of The Simpsons has taught me anything, then you can possibly have a potential giant monster Zac Efron depiction-come to life rampaging and terrorizing New York City. If the Efron Monster (Efronster) doesn't completely destroy Manhatten the stampede of every twelve year old girl in the country surely will. Be prepared my friend.

David Spector

P.S. Way to Roger Rabbitt your characters, often I dislike such 2d-3d juxtapositions, but with Randy and Steve-O it looks really cute.

Kaukab Basheer said...

Remember how we were walking after lunch that day, n u showed me the giant ass Terminator Salvation poster looking down on us? lol I still wonder how I couldn't have noticed that..!!

But I gotta agree.. Zac Efron's poster's probably a whole lot scarier than the Salvation one.. Ugh!