Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An MJR Life Update...

It's been extremely busy for me these past few weeks. School's been as busy as ever, my personal life has been turned upside-down & right side-up again, & while my health has been gradually improving since leaving the hospital, my body doesn't quite seem to have that same vim & vigor that I used to. Very hectic.

My film for school has been inching along at what seems to be a snail's pace. After thinking about it throughout the course of my hospital stay, I decided to scrap everything I had thus far & start over. I didn't lose much, but I'm still basically starting from scratch again. 

After learning a few new tricks & a bit of on-site practice, I've definitely believed that I've improved somewhat in Flash. & although I'm really ruing the idea, I'm gonna do my whole film in Flash. While I'm animating in Flash like I would on paper, it feels like I'm taking the easy way out or I'm cheating.  It shouldn't really bother me, but it does. Either way, it'll save me loads of time & hopefully with the upcoming spring break, I can really hunker down & get as much of it done as I can. As more of it comes through, I'll make sure to put bits & pieces of it up here to show progress.

(speaking of Flash, here's a little test I did as an assignment for a class. As far as animation goes, this'll probably be close to what my final film'll look like: LINK)

I've also got a truckload of drawings & art I've been looking forward to scanning. Hopefully I'll scan as much of it as I can tomorrow & that'll provide a few weeks worth of stuff to post here. 

-& just to throw it out there, I watched all 16 DVD's of the Richard Williams Master Class. They've been a real inspiration & help for me. I highly recommend them, so if you can, get your hands on them & lend an ear to the master himself. 

To finish up for today, I just want to say that I've had a lot on my mind over the past month & I'd like to share at least a small fraction of my thoughts here, whether it's worth it or not. It probably won't be to prolific or well worded, but getting even just a portion of it helps me feel a little bit better. Keep an eye open for that.

Cheers n' cheerio!

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