Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

It's official... winter now sucks.

In December it's great! White Christmases, snowball fights, snowmen, holly jolly fun in a winter wonderland! But then comes January, & Old Man Winter's social security checks are late & he's awful grumpy about it. Time to turn some noses runny.

This week seems to have hit me the hardest. It's my first week back at SVA & getting to class each morning seems like one of those "15 miles through the snow, both ways, barefooted, eating dirt" stories. The dorm folk have it real bad. The heat seems only on for a few hours each day. It was so cold in my room I couldn't sleep. I put on 3 layers of shirts, but that didn't help. I bet it was warmer in my fridge than in here. I wouldn't be surprised if the water in my toilet froze over. This place is COLD!

& speaking of cold, because of it, I now HAVE one. The kind where you can't even talk above a whisper, which is great when you have classes where you're supposed to talk & converse with other people. Luckily it's Friday, so I've got some time to rest up & get rid of this thing.

I hope I get better soon, 'cause I got big plans for tomorrow. I'm heading up to White Plains to check out "IT ALL STARTED HERE!", a NY animation exhibit run by J.J. Sedelmaier & my teacher & good friend Howard Beckerman. It looks to be a really great show & I'm looking forward to meeting with people at the reception. Maybe I'll see someone there I know! Here's the plug from Cartoon Brew!

Now I'm gonna pop an Airborne & some Nyquil, grab some tissues n' juice & watch Woody Woodpecker cartoons in bed. Night!


shelley said...

oh eff, you too? I left early last night and stayed home today because I wasn't feeling too good. x_x ah well. get well soon! optimism! *thumbsup*

and before you ask, THESIS IS AWESOME (...not.)

King of [Silent] Cartoons said...

Good meeting you finally at the event!