Thursday, April 19, 2007

Zeus' Zillions

Here are a few more drawings from my trip.

We finally made it to Athens. Little did we know that Athens was really, REALLY dirty. Our hotel was down an alleyway that was littered with what I affectionately call "Women of the Night", plus it smelled like cat piss. We were told not to leave the hotel after dark. After seeing our surroundings, we knew why.

After a scary night's sleep, we headed towards the Acropolis. Once we saw the Parthenon, we were totally awestruck, not by the structure itself, but by all the scaffolding & machinery around it. It was literally in a cage. But besides that little obstruction, it was beautiful.

Before we left, I sat down & sketched out the Parthenon (sans scaffolding). I did a really crappy job, not only because I drew it in less than 2 minutes, but I just couldn't count all the columns, plus the scaffolding was hard to draw around, & I was rushed. But at least I drew it (sort of).

After our Acropolis adventure, we were dropped off at an Ancient History Museum. There was a lot of pottery, statues & bronze things. It was kinda cool, but after a while all the pots & vases looked the same. Good thing we were only there for a short time (we skipped the gift shops).

Alright, check out this piece of work. I filled this page during our last dinner. I started on the right page, drawing Steve-O with a traditional Greek hat (I bought one before we sat down). My friend Teresa draws also (mostly Anime), but she regretted leaving her sketchpad at home. So I decided to let her draw in it. I taught her how to draw Woodstock & Garfield (they are the characters I teach the kids at Hofstra to draw first). I drew the Garfield on the right side of the left page upside down so I didn't have to turn the book after every step. Her's is in the middle. It's pretty good for a first try. I also drew Winnie the Pooh for one of the girls in the group (He is really freakin' hard to draw!).

My friend Jason wanted to try to draw Tigger, so I let him. Se that roadkill-looking thing in the top left corner?... that's his Tigger. He never drew before, so it's pretty good for a first time. I never drew Tigger before either, but I tried drawing him anyway. I don't think it really looks like him. I gotta practice more.

Out of all the cartoon characters I am asked to draw, the most requested characters are Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet & Eeyore. They're always requested by the girls. I bought a How-to-Draw book on them, but it don't help much. I think they're designs are really flawed, because there are so many details in each character that nobody can draw them correctly. Pooh is like Mickey, he is the easiest character to draw... BADLY!

This Rebop I drew right after the "Tigger" fiasco. This one's called the "Athensor Maxinclok". The "Athensor" part was easy to think up. The "Maxinclok" part was a little random.

Dr. Seuss was the master of made-up creature names. Nobody can touch him with that. Each of his creation's names feel like it belongs to that particular creature. A Sneetch feels like a Sneetch. The Grinch sounds like he's a Grinch. Same with the Lorax, the Barbaloots, the Who's & the Hunches. Dr. Seuss felt each of his characters & chose a name for them that fit perfectly with who that character was.

OK, back to rebops. The "Athensor" is a great creation. It looks organic...

This one on the other hand... doesn't. The "Souvlakinops" (I had souvlaki for dinner that night) looks too much like a Frankenstein monstrosity. None of the pieces fit together. It's too much of a hodge-podge.

That's it for today's installment. I'll post the last installment sometime over the weekend, hopefully before Sunday. Check back soon!

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