Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Vacation Sketches...

Here are a few more drawings for you to ogle at.

I drew this after I ate dinner at a mediocre restaurant in Rome. It was the worst ravioli I ever ate, but my friends woofed it down like it was the best thing that ever passed their lips. But they don't know what good pasta is... they're not Italian. The sad part is, we ate at the same restaurant the next night. Yeecch!

The drawing of the duck with the glass is incomplete because we decided to leave the restaurant sooner than we expected. First thought that crossed my mind: Thank God.

The next night, not only did I have to eat crappy pasta again, but I had to hear some stupid schmutz screwing with an accordion while I ate. The worst part of it was that he only knew one song, & he played it over & over. It's still stuck in my head. Talk about indigestion. I wanted to stuff the rock-hard rolls they gave us to eat down his throat & shove that accordion up his ass. I'll probably never be able to watch the spaghetti scene in Lady & the Tramp the same way ever again...

At least I was with my friends. While we were chatting away (& secretly yearning to strangle the accordion player), I drew these doodles. That's supposed to be me on the top left. I'm really bad at self portraits & caricatures. That's why I draw ducks all the time. Also, that bee-looking thing on the bottom right is a replica of what my first Rebop looked like. I drew the original one as a lab assignment back in 2004.

Luckily, I had good pasta earlier that day. This was drawn at lunch right after I saw the Pope in St. Peter's. On the way to the restaurant, I actually saw a McDonalds. There's a Mickey D's in the Vatican! I couldn't believe it, yet in a way I wasn't that surprised. I probably wouldn't be all that surprised if there was one on the moon. "That's one small fries for man, one super-sized fatass for mankind".

In Capri, I drew this rebop as I was having lunch with a few friends in my group. Rebops are a lot of fun to make, especially when you're out of things to draw. I call it "outside inspiration", everyone else knows it's laziness. Since we were on the sunny island of Capri, I dubbed it the "Caprinicus Rex". Very original.

More to come Monday! See you then!

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