Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Yearbook Scans!

Here's the rest of my Yearbook:

21) Mike Zecca (3rd Year)

22) Mark Minnig (our floor manager/superhero) and Jillann Hertel (our animation advisor/super-heroine)

23) Eric Eiser (professor)

38) Julianna Ventresco (not pictured)

and Shannon Murphy (background colorist/moral support)

I wish I got to hand the book out to more people. There were so many more awesome friends and teachers that I had missed. I miss all of these guys so much, it's hard to accept that once this summer's over I won't be going back to school to see these guys together again.

They're all incredible artists, filled with passion and who strive to excel in this field. And I know that in the next few years, they definitely will do so. Many of them have websites/blogs of their own (many of them are linked on the bottom-left side of the page). Do yourself a favor and click on those names, look at their work and get inspired.

I know it helped me out.

Thanks guys!


Matthew Koh said...

Hey Mike, you've promised us that your going to start a webcomic during this month.

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Sorry, I've been spending time with my girlfriend for the last month or so. Disney World, dinner dates, etcetera. Also some outside work.

It'll come soon.