Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Preview (and it's more than just one second this time)

Here's another little sneak peek at my short. It's Shot 17 (out of about 65) all roughed out and ready for cleanup.

It's a dialogue shot. One of many. The dialogue shots are usually the ones I hold off on, but nonetheless, this was one I really was looking forward to doing because of how juicy the dialogue was. Maybe I went a bit over the top with the physical acting, but I enjoyed doing it.

All the rough animation was done in Flash, and all my cleanup is being done in Toon Boom, which is a really great program. I'm gradually switching over to it from Flash, and for the better too!

Randy's voice was done by my friend Joshua Tomar, and he did a really spot-on job. Check out his website and take a listen to his voicework:


Andy J. Scherman said...

This is excellent, dude. Im still trying to get Randy's vocal timbre down for Destiny.

Malcolm said...

This is really looking top notch so far, Mike. I honestly had no idea Randy was british. HA!