Friday, September 10, 2010

Orphan's Benefit - A Comparison

Here's a side-by-side comparison of "Orphan's Benefit", a black-and-white ∂isney cartoon made in 1934 (left), and then remade in color 8 years later in 1941 (right).

I don't understand why they did this. Why would they put so much time, money and effort into a remake when they could use that same energy on making something original? Was it because of the big Disney strike that happened a few months earlier? Were they planning a package feature of remade shorts which never fully came to fruition? If anybody has any information on the history of this, I'd love to know more.

I apologize for the interlacing issues in the video. When I get the chance, I'll reupload a better version.

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Daniel Caylor said...

Most likely has something to do with the strike. Maybe some key guys were out there and they had to do SOMETHING, so they went with something safe, as they often do now.