Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Crap to Tide you Over...

Boy, school really does a number on ya.... I've barely had time to see my own blog!

Currently, I'm juggling what seems like a million things at once. Besides schoolwork (which there's a somewhat decent amount of), I gotta finish my segments for $oopah NIN10Doh! (which I hope to get done by the end of the month *knocks on wood*), save up some extra dough for supplies & start working on my 2 minute film! It's a good thing I always get things done, even if it usually is at the last minute.

Right now, my $$$ is running on "E". I splurged about 3 G's a few weeks ago! No, I didn't spend it all on drugs, but what I did spend it on is equally as satisfying & addicting. I finally got myself a MACBOOK PRO, which I gotta say is the bee's knees. Best 3,000 bucks I ever spent! Hope it last's a while for me to get some good mileage out of it!

Sadly, I haven't posted much artwork in a while due to getting used to the new laptop. My scanner has been offline since I got the damn thing, & I had to drudge through mounds of software manuals & CD cases to find the scanner's MAC-oriented installation CD. I just found it a few days ago & now its up & running. Suprisingly, I've gone through a whole 50 page sketchbook cover-to-cover in less that 4 weeks, so a lot of that will be up here very soon!

For the time being,  here's some doodles n' bits I conveniently had lying around the desktop :

I did this for my mother's class reunion coming up. I don't know if they're putting it in the book or not, but either way I'm happy about it. 

I had a load of fun coloring it, not because I was allowed to put my characters in it, but because I colored it on one of the school's brand-new Cintiq's! The school went all out & bought about 15-20 of them over the summer, just for us animators! Ain't life grand? Now I can never go back to drawing/coloring on my little lap tablet.

This is probably what I'd look like if I were a Boo from Super Mario. Drew this for an acquaintance's DA page, where he's gathering Boo's by different people to form a Boo army. Kinda fits the Halloween spirit, doesn't it? 

I sketched, inked & colored this earlier today in Digital Compositing class. The character is based off an idea I had for a children's book, but never got around to publishing. I may decide to use this guy in my student film this year, that is if I don't go with one of the other 7 film ideas I planned out. Decisions... decisions.... I don't know whether they're worth talking about or not, but if you're interested & want to lend an ear, let me know.

Also, here are a few films I recently watched, currently love & now have on my iPod:
- Whisper of the Heart
- The Cat Returns
- Allegro Non Troppo
- All of Bruno Bozzetto's films
& I'm gonna check out The Triplets of Belleville tonight, so I'll let you know how good it is later.

Well, I gotta head over to Biology class before I become tardy. Ciao!

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