Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ub Iwerks & "Hell's Bells"

In conjunction with Michael Sporn's latest post & the devil picture/video I posted a few days ago, here's a little something you may find interesting for a few minutes:

To me, Hell's Bells is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. Sure it ain't Duck Amuck, What's Opera, Doc? or One Froggy Evening, but it's one of those few cartoons that inspire me to get up off my ass & start animating. God, I LOVE 20's/30's rubber-hose animation! Ub Iwerks ( & company's) loose, lively & fun animation & Carl Stalling's music never ceases to make my eyes fall out of my head & my feet uncontrollably tap to the beat. Along with cartoons like The Skeleton Dance, this is one of those cartoons I can watch over & over again & never get tired of. The scene of the three devils dancing at around 2:38 never fails to make my jaw drop.

& on top of that, it's freakin' bizarre! I mean, what other Disney cartoon (or any other cartoon for that matter) has demons milking flaming milk out of a dragon-like cow, characters getting eaten alive by three headed dogs & Satan himself getting his pants pulled down & spanked by flaming hands, all timed perfectly to music? Exactly!

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